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It's tea time. 

Tea has always been an important drink in America - after all, our forefathers declared independence from Britain when they tried making it more expensive for us. Things have obviously changed since then, but we still believe in the wisdom of our founding fathers. After tasting our unique teas from around the world, we're confident that you'll agree with them too. 


Unique teas from all over the world.

We’ve gone through hundreds of teas from more than 50 countries to develop Bohemia’s unique menu. After spending thousands of hours in our taste-testing lab, we’re certain you won’t find a better selection anywhere in Los Angeles. We have a tea for every person and for every occasion - whether it’s caffeine, conversation, or just chillin.


The pot called the kettle and they both decided to call it quits.

We’re proud to use the innovative Marco MIX water system to serve you as fast as possible while maintaining the highest standards of reproducible brew quality. All of our brews have been carefully calibrated to maximize their unique flavor profiles. You’ll get a brewed, ready-to-drink tea in as little as 5 minutes, and we guarantee it’ll taste the same every time - all without a tea bag in sight.


No tea bags, no tea baggage.

Bohemia is a modern tea parlor that serves teas you’ve never had in a way you’ve never experienced. In lieu of classical afternoon tea service, we've designed a modern experience with delicious food and tasty beverages at an affordable price.




Conversation is better over tea.

There are a lot of places to do work, but not nearly enough places to relax. Bohemia is a tea parlor in the truest sense of the word, so come with a friend and leave the stress at the door. We’ve designed our space to enhance your conversations, not your wifi connection.

We're doing it for the culture.

Bohemia is more than just a cafe - it's a place that values culture. We are always looking to take advantage of our location in Hollywood by working with the surrounding community to hold exhibits, performances, comedy shows, and other events for the people who make our business possible. 

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