7525 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046



Bohemia serves quality matcha, authentic chai, kombucha on tap, real milk teas with boba, and unique teas from around the world. Our teas are made with the innovative Alpha Dominche Steampunk brewing system, which allows us to maximize the flavor of our loose leaf teas and blends. Simply put, Bohemia serves teas you’ve never had in a way you’ve never experienced.

Things are changing in the modern age - products are nicer, businesses are cooler, and standards have gone up. People are still the same, though – we need time to unwind and socialize in order to be truly happy. Bohemia addresses this fundamental human need by serving as a spot where people can hang out without being holed up in a coffee shop surrounded by laptops or being forced to spend too much money at the latest trendy restaurant. Whether you’re staying in or grabbing a tea to go, we’ve designed the Bohemian experience to treat our patrons as humans rather than customers. 


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Are all of your teas organic/non-GMO?

The majority of our menu items are organic and non-GMO, and we remain committed to working with our partners to make that number even better.

What milk options are available?

We currently offer macadamia, almond, coconut, and cow. 

Can I add milk and/or boba to any tea on the menu?

Our menu includes icons on certain teas that we think work best with milk and boba, but they are also available on all teas by request. 

Do you offer WiFi?

Yes! We offer 90 minutes of WiFi per purchase.

Are all of your teas served iced and/or hot?

Yes, our cashier will always ask if you want your tea hot or iced. 

Are all of your teas served unsweetened?

Although we've curated a selection of teas that taste amazing without any sweetener, our cashier will always ask if you want your tea sweetened or unsweetened.

What kind of food do you serve?

We are proud to be one of the only establishments in LA serving Chaumont Bakery baked goods. We also offer delicious vegan options from Ridiculous Baking Co, as well as unique home-made pastries such as vegan baklava.